Neurosurgery Treatment in Monterrey, Mexico

Medical treatments in this country are very expensive. Several advanced procedures can become a huge financial burden to the patient and the family especially when the procedures or medications are not covered by the insurance policy they have. No wonder, many people are trying to get medical treatments in the country with cheaper medical costs. It’s no surprise that many people going to the south of the border to seek for affordable medical treatments including getting neurosurgery treatment.

It is already known that Mexico becomes popular destination for those seeking for surgical treatment with more affordable cost. This country has medical facilities and capable medical professionals to treat various health conditions. If you are looking for neurosurgery treatment in Mexico, it is very important to make sure that you will be treated by a neurosurgeon with excellent credentials. Dr. Armando Torres, Neurocirujanos en Monterrey, is the one to trust. He is a board certified neurosurgeon with both. He has years of clinical experience in various procedures of neurosurgery including advanced microsurgery procedure. He is practicing at hospital Muguerza Alta Specialty in Monterrey.

Dr. Torres is treating patients with various conditions including injuries and trauma, stroke, tumor, and degenerative problems in neural system. With his expertise in microneurosurgery, he can do minimally invasive procedure for better result, less risk, and faster recovery time. Don’t hesitate to contact the hospital to schedule a consult with this surgeon and let him advice the best possible option of treatment. The hospital has advanced facilities and very capable staffs to deliver the best treatment you need. You can rest assured that you can find the right treatment for your medical problem at much reasonable expensive. More importantly, you can get back your full quality of life.

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